Template Library

There is a library of add-on templates available with powerOne Pro. This library includes both the templates included with powerOne and additional templates available for download developed by Infinity Softworks and others who wish to contribute.

The Template Library is available by selecting the "Library" in the Template List menu.

Finding Templates

Find templates by searching, browsing or reviewing by category. To search, type a term into the box at the top and select "GO" or the arrow on screen. Search looks at names, descriptions and examples to find matches. Unlike searching in the Template List, however, searching in the Library treats each entered word separately. A search for "Time Value of Money" without quotes, for instance, searches all four words. A search for the same with quotes will search for that specific phrase.

In addition you can browse or review by category. Select "Browse Templates" to page through all available templates. Select "Browse Categories" to see and select a list of template categories.

Downloading Templates

Once you find a template you want select "Download" next to the template's title to add it to a download queue. When you have completed selections, close the Library ("Done" button in the top, right corner) and the selected templates will download. A notice will appear when completed.

Most templates, once downloaded, will appear at the bottom of the Template List. However, duplicate templates and those that have been deleted previously will appear in their previous location.

As an aside, you can also remove templates from your queue before closing the Library. Select "In Queue" to remove it and tell the Library not to download that template.