Template List

The Template List shows all of the templates you currently have on the device. Select Templates in the menu to view a complete list or, on Android tablets, rotate to landscape orientation. To display a template or the calculator, select it from the list.

Finding Templates

To find a template either scroll through the list or search. Search looks at the template's name, description and examples. For instance typing "loan" will show both the templates that have loan in its name (General Loan, Auto Loan) and those that are used to calculate loans but are not named as such (Time Value of Money, Mortgage).

Re-Arranging & Deleting Templates

The list can be re-arranged and templates can be deleted. Select the "Edit" button in the Template List. To re-arrange, drag templates via the vertical drag box on the right side of each row. Delete templates with the standard delete method. The calculator can not be deleted. [Delete is a powerOne Pro feature.]

Get More!

There are lots of additional templates available beyond those bundled. In the Pro editions, select the Library button at the bottom of the Template List to find and download from over 300 templates, all at no additional charge.

Create a New Template

powerOne gives you the ability to create your own templates. Select the '+' button in the menu, enter a name and equation then save. See the Creating Templates section for details.

Getting Help

Select the '?' button in the lower, right corner to read the latest news, find online help or email support.