BlackBerry | Calculator

The calculator performs computations by entering the entire equation in the top portion of the view window and then select Enter to calculate. The result appears in the lower portion.

Note that each button on the screen correlates to a physical keyboard button. These buttons try to correlate as close as possible to the contents of the key. Also note that when you select a math function, how that function is used is displayed in the status bar at the bottom.

The calculator is integrated with the templates as well as acts as a stand-alone calculator. When called from a template, the calculator integrates two additional features: the ability to recall the highlighted value from the template and the ability to save the calculator's result back to the template's highlighted row.


  • Select: place the View Window in select text mode.
  • Copy: copy the selected text to the clipboard.
  • Cut: cut the selected text to the clipboard.
  • Cancel Selection: cancel the select text mode.
  • Last Result: return the last result to the current cursor position.
  • Show All: show all decimal places for the results until the next calculation is performed.
  • History: display the Calculation History or Log.
  • Clear: clears the View Window. There is no change to the History or Memory.
  • Template: Recall recalls the value from the selected template row. This option only appears if the calculator is displayed from a template variable.
  • Memory: Recall: displays the Memory Recall dialog.
  • Memory: Store: displays the Memory Store dialog.
  • Options: select to change the number of displayed Decimal Places. "As Needed" displays as many places as has been calculated while 0 through 8 display that many decimal places, up to the maximum available digits.
  • Help: go to Calculator online help.
  • About: display the About screen.
  • Close: close the Calculator, returning to the previous view.