BlackBerry | Sending Results

Send Results merges template calculations with email messages, creating an instant communiqué with clients and colleagues. Once a message is created, it can be sent over and over again without modification.

Once a message is defined, send it by scrolling to the desired message and selecting "Send via Email" from the menu. You can also select Enter or select the trackball on those devices.

Sending Messages

The message is sent in three steps:

Step 1: Preparation Stage. Once a message is selected, powerOne combines the variables, expressions and text into a readable message. It is at this point that it also checks for errors and reports them to you.

Step 2: Addressing Stage. When the message passes the preparation stage, you are asked to choose or enter an email address. A list of all addresses from your address book are provided.

To find an address, type it. The list will automatically limit the list to the entered letters (the same as the address book).

To enter an address you will only use this time, select [Use Once] at the top of the list and enter it. To enter a new address, select "New Address" from the menu. To edit an address, scroll to the desired address and choose "Edit" from the menu.

If you select a name with no assigned email address, a blank screen will display. Escape and select a new address or select "Edit" from the menu to add an email address to this contact.

Step 3: Review Stage. In the final stage, the message is available for review and editing. This final screen is the same used in BlackBerry Messages. Add To, CC and BCC addresses as desired. Make changes to subject or body of the message, such as adding a personal message.

To send, choose "Send" from the menu.

Please note that this message uses BlackBerry Messages to send emails. All rules, settings and signatures designated with your internet provider will be used with this message.

Creating Messages

To edit or create a message, scroll to the desired message and choose "Edit from the menu. There are five messages available per template.

There are three fields to create a message:

  • Title: title as displayed in Send Results. It is not used when creating the message.
  • Subject: message's subject. Leave this blank if you would prefer to add a subject when sending the message.
  • Body: message's body. The body of the message is created using text, variable and expression elements.

When creating a message, use any combination of the available elements.

Text displays in a message the same way it would if it was typed directly into an email program. No special notation is required.

Template Variables
Template variables are accessed by placing the variable name within %% marks. For instance the TVM template includes the variable labeled "Intrst/Yr%". The underlying variable name is "rate". To insert this variable into the template, type:


Alternatively, use the menus Insert "%%" and Insert Variable to accomplish the same.

The value associated with each variable is substituted in Sending Message's Preparation Stage.

Mathematical Expressions

Mathematical expressions are also encapsulated in %% and are evaluated in Sending Message's Preparation Stage.

For instance, to evaluate 3+5-10 in a message, type the following:


There are many mathematics functions available for creating expressions in Send Results. In addition, template variables can be combined with mathematical functions.


Send Results Menus

  • Send via Email: select to send the message.
  • Edit: select to edit the highlighted message.
  • Help: go to the current template's online help.
  • About: display the About screen.
  • Copy: copies the title to the clipboard.
  • Close: close Send Results, returning to the Template.

Edit Item Menus

  • Insert "%%": inserts at the cursor location.
  • Insert Variable: displays a list of variables that can be inserted at the cursor location.
  • Insert Tab: inserts a tab at the cursor location.
  • Save: saves the message and returns to Send Results.
  • Copy: copy the selected text to the clipboard.
  • Cut: cut the selected text to the clipboard.
  • Paste: paste text from the clipboard.
  • Select: place the View Window in select text mode.
  • Cancel Selection: cancel the select text mode.
  • Show Symbols: show symbols for use in the title, subject or body.
  • Change Language: changes the system's language.
  • Close: returns to Send Results.