BlackBerry | Using Templates

Templates are designed to quickly and easily perform what-if analysis.

All templates are similar in design. Each row consists of a label describing the variable (to the left) and the variable itself (to the right).

Performing Calculations

To perform a calculation:
  • Enter each of the known variables.
  • Scroll to the unknown variable.
  • Select 'Calculate' from the [[Help1/TemplateMenus | menu]]. (For a keyboard shortcut, use SYM or *.)


There are four kinds of variables: numbers, dates, lists and tables.

To enter a number, type on the keypad. Enter numbers using the following keys:

  • 0-9: use the designated number keys [0..9]
  • decimal separator: period [.] or comma [,]
  • negative sign: minus [-], plus [+], exclamation point [!], question mark [?], or at symbol [@]
  • exponential notation: E [num+E or cap+E]

Enter dates using standard BlackBerry methods. One option is to select each region (day, month, year) with a trackball click or ALT and scroll with the trackball or clickwheel. A secon option is to highlight each region and change it with the keypad (numbers for day, year; letters for month).

Select the list with a menu selection, trackball click, space key or ALT and choose a new option. In most cases, typing a letter will go to the next occurrence starting with that letter.

To enter a table, select it with a menu selection, trackball click, space key or ALT. Each table column will be designated with a header indicating the contents of that column. Each table cell is a number variable. Follow its directions above for entering numbers.


There are two types of color to consider: the first is the color of the background; the second is the variable's highlight color.

Background color is typically alternating yellow and green. However, this background changes to light blue/purple for variables that can be solved. If the template can solve all variables with the entry of one, it will do so.

Highlight color indicates whether the variable is editable. Blue highlighted variables can be edited; grey highlighted variables are output only.