Template List

The template list shows all of the templates plus offers access to the calculator and other options. This is the main, start-up view of the application. To display a template select it from the list. To show the calculator select its icon in the bar at the top.

Finding Templates

To find a template either scroll through the list or search. On Android, select the search icon in the bar at the top and enter in a keyword. Search looks at all text in the template itself, including names, variables and help. For instance typing "loan" will show both the templates that have loan in its name (General Loan, Auto Loan) and those that are used to calculate loans but are not named as such (Mortgage).

Accessing the Calculator

Select the calculator icon in the top bar to show the calculator.


Each template is in a category. To show that category, select either All, the last used category (middle option), or "...", which shows all categories. The categories dialog shows Favorites, all templates organized by category designation and all templates organized by purchasable pack. Select Favorites to show a list of templates you designated as your favorites. See templates for details.

Getting Help

Select the overflow button in the top, right corner (older devices have a designated hardware button). From here, you can email Infinity Softworks, sign up for email newsletters, review DEWALT resources and more.