The List shows all of the templates and the calculator you currently have on the device. This is the main, start-up view of the application on iPhone and iPod touch. On iPad it is either visible on the left-side of the screen in landscape mode or available by selecting the "Templates" button in the top, left corner in portrait mode. To display a template or the calculator, select it from the list.

Finding Templates

To find a template either scroll through the list or search. Search looks at the template's name, description and examples. For instance typing "loan" will show both the templates that have loan in its name (General Loan, Auto Loan) and those that are used to calculate loans but are not named as such (Time Value of Money, Mortgage).


Each template is in a category. To show that category, select the filter button to the right of the search field and select the desired category. All shows all templates and Favorites shows the templates you chose as your favorites. (The star button in each template.)

Re-Arranging & Deleting Templates

The list can be re-arranged and templates can be deleted. Select the "Edit" button. To re-arrange, drag templates via the vertical drag box on the right side of each row. Delete templates with the standard iOS delete methods. The calculator can not be deleted.

Get More!

There are lots of additional templates available beyond those included for free. Select the shopping cart button in the lower, left corner to purchase additional packs including those for business calculations, concrete, electrical, carpentry and more.

Getting Help

Select the '?' button in the lower, right corner to find online help or email support.