DEWALT has decided to discontinue DEWALT Mobile Pro effective October 15, 2020. Learn more including options.


Welcome to DEWALT® Mobile Pro™!

Here are a few quick pointers to get you started!

Basic Navigation

Select a template or calculator in the List to display it. On the iPhone and iPod touch, rotate to landscape mode also shows a calculator. On the iPad, use in either portrait or landscape mode. Select "Templates" in portrait mode to see the list of templates.

Entering Numbers






Using Templates

Select the row to enter data in the displayed editor. Select the equals button to calculate, if it doesn't do so automatically. For help, select "Overview" or "Examples" tabs.

Get More!

Select the Cart button at the bottom of List to purchase more calculations.

Learn More!

Click one of these links or choose the "?" in the calculator or Overview and Examples tabs in any template.