Template History

powerOne automatically saves a history of your template calculations. A history record is created each time you perform a computation (or powerOne auto calculates for you), you ask for a New template or exit a template. These calculations can be viewed, named and annotated, shared via email or recalled to the template for further calculation.

Generally, history records are retained for a maximum of 30 days. To keep records for longer then 30 days just name the ones you want to retain.

Select the History button in either the Template List or a template to view the history. History from the template list shows results from all templates; history from an individual template shows only that template's results.


History is displayed in two views: an overview and a details view. The overview shows the name, date created and some details of the template itself.
  • Select a record to view the details.
  • Select the Edit button in any row to name and annotate the record.
  • Search the name and notes.
  • Swipe or edit to delete individual records manually.
The details view displays the record name, results of the template, date created and notes. On the toolbar at the bottom of the view (from left to right):
  • Edit: name and annotate the record.
  • Send: email the template's results.
  • Re-Calculate: recall the results to the template.
  • Delete: delete the current history record.

Deleting Records

While you can manually delete individual history records it is easier to let powerOne do it for you. By default unnamed records are stored for 30 days and then are deleted. Name a record to retain it beyond the 30 days.

This day count can be changed in Apple's Settings app. "Save History For" can be 30, 14 or 7 days. In addition it can be set to not save history.