Sharing occurs via email. You can share both the results of a template and include the template source.

Share from a Template

To share a template and its results, perform a computation then select the Send button in the template. This will embed the results in an email and attach any amortization tables associated with the template.

In addition, the template itself may be attached to the email. Select this attachment from any iOS or Android device to open it in powerOne. The attached template includes both the template code and the results also embedded in the email.

Whether the template is attached is a choice made by each developer. Templates marked as "Sharable" by the template creator are automatically attached to any email sent. Only powerOne Pro editions can open attached templates.

Share from History

One alternative way of sharing the template's results is via the History. Select the Send button at the bottom of the history detail view. No attachments are included when sending from the history.

Template Source File

The attached template is a special file called a .p1t file (for powerOne Template). This file is not encrypted and can be viewed in any text editor. This means that email applications, web browsers and other applications on an iOS or desktop computer can show the contents of the file. It also means that the attached file can be saved and stored independent of the email. For instance, DropBox can be used to store and backup your templates as well as makes it possible to recover powerOne templates via the DropBox iOS application [powerOne Pro Feature].