Getting Started

Welcome to version 4 of powerOne!

Get Started

powerOne® combines an algebraic and RPN calculator with simple, customizable, spreadsheet-like templates.

Select a template or the calculator in the Template List to show it or use the search box at the top of the Template List. Generally the list is visible. On iPad in landscape orientation select "Template" in the top left to access it.

Always get help by selecting the "?" (Help) button. The calculator and templates include descriptions and examples.

Using Templates

Each template row consists of three elements: a label, a value and an equals button.
To perform a computation enter the data you know then select the equals button on the row you don't. Enter data by selecting the desired row and entering its data in the displayed editor. Read more about using templates.

Review History

powerOne automatically saves a history of calculations for you. Select the clock button in either the Template List or Template to see a history of calculations. Add names and notes, view complete details, send via email or re-calculate.

Change how long you want to retain your history. Options include none, 7, 14 or 30 days, with 30 as the default. After that only named history records are retained.


Results can be shared by selecting the Send button from either a Template or History. The results are embedded in the email with any amortization tables attached.

In addition if a template is marked to be shared, the template itself is attached with the same data. Just tap the attachment on an iPhone, iPod or iPad to load it into a powerOne Pro edition.


[Pro Feature] Download additional calculation templates from the Library. Hundreds are available in categories ranging from business, finance, investing and real estate to mathematics, science, construction and engineering.

[Lite Feature] Purchase add-on template packs. We have prepared our most popular templates into bundles designed specifically for your everyday calculation needs. Packs include advanced math capabilities, business, conversions, graphing, finance and more.

[Pro/Lite Feature] Select "+" in the Template List to create a template. Templates can be as easy as entering a formula similar to HP Solve or harness the complete capabilities of powerOne's simple scripting language.