Removing powerOne for Palm/webOS Smartphones

  • Go to the Home screen that shows all applications
  • Select the menu button below the Home button or select the title bar (time)
  • Choose "Delete" from the App menu
  • Find each of the following files, highlight it and select "Delete..." button:
    1. p1 Fin Lib
    2. p1 Graph1 Lib
    3. p1 Graph2 Lib
    4. p1 Graph3 Lib
    5. p1 Memo IO Lib
    6. p1 Stats Lib
    7. powerOne Graph
  • Select "Done"
Note 1: you will also need to uninstall the software from your desktop/laptop computer by throwing out the .zip file and it's created folder.
Note 2: deleting the software application will also delete all templates, skins and data associated with the application.