Vista Corruption Issue

Because of issues with Windows Vista we decided to discontinue our Windows products rather than make significant product overhauls.

Given that we have seen and documented a number of errors, generally caused by corruption during the installation process and most of which can be resolved by taking the following steps:

  • Close powerOne Personal or powerOne Finance.
  • In the Control Panel, select "Add/Remove Programs" and choose to remove the powerOne product.
  • Navigate to C:/Program Files/InfinitySW and delete the entire directory.
  • Navigate to C:/Users//AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files/InfinitySW and delete its contents. You may need to delete each sub-folder starting at the deepest level. For example, delete the folder Variables, then the folder powerOne Finance (Windows) then the folder InfinitySW.
  • Re-install the software.
  • Run it.
As mentioned, all Windows versions have been discontinued and are unsupposed on Windows Vista and Windows 7.