powerOne Resets Programmable Buttons

There have been multiple issues reported regarding programmable buttons on Windows Mobile devices. It seems that the device drops certain button settings but only when a template is assigned to the button.

While we have yet to reproduce this problem in a development environment so we can fix the problem, we do know that you can fix the problem, at least temporarily, by doing the following:

  • Go into powerOne and select Exit on the powerOne menu.
  • Select Programs then File Explorer.
  • Go to Program Files (select the left side of the grey bar).
  • Open the InfinitySW folder.
  • Go into powerOne Finance's or powerOne Personal's folder.
  • Click and hold on p1Fin_Btn or p1Per_Btn until a menu appears and choose Delete.
  • Run powerOne Finance or powerOne Personal again. The buttons should reset.
You can also make a copy of this file (p1Fin_Btn or p1Per_Btn). If the problem persists just copy it back!