Customer Comments

Finance & Investing

Among the thousands of powerOne users is Greg Gibson, CFO of MountainBank in Hendersonville, NC. Greg is a gadget guy. Having used PDAs and their predecessors for ten years or more, he currently uses a Handspring Visor in his work at one of the fastest growing community banks in the Southeast. It is true, he just doesn't leave home without it as it has become an integral tool of his business.

"At MountainBank, our corporate culture is quite entrepreneurial and we move very quickly in our decision making processes. I use powerOne everyday for some kind of banking and financial calculation and really appreciate the intuitive interface, ease of use and pertinent calculations it puts as close as my pocket. Routinely, I find it much quicker to derive solutions to financial questions posed throughout my day than cranking up a spreadsheet or accessing our core accounting systems. It's calculation results are invaluable to delivering the prompt and accurate answers that I am expected to have at my fingertips. My PDA and powerOne are truly tools that make me more productive and ones that I would find extremely difficult to do without."

Greg Gibson

"powerOne on my handheld and desktop computers provides me quick methods to do varied financial calculations"

John Youngquist
Partner and consultant
affordable housing-Preservation Properties

"I am a trainer for a financial services firm. With the powerOne desktop version, I can now explain to my students what I show them in my PDA. I used to pull up other applications such as Quicken and a customized Excel app just to reinforce my lessons. With powerOne, I can smoothly transition my 1 on 1 lessons. I can continue the discussion during coffee break using powerOne on my Palm."

Jerome Jacinto

"Having powerOne has been wonderful when working on different alternatives for proposals. All of the necessary tools are right at hand laid out in a convenient manner. "

Kerry Chelm

"I use powerOne at my office, home, in restaurants, my client's offices, and hotels when I'm traveling. With powerOne, I have a powerful finacial calculator that I can use anywhere, anytime!"

Michael Schone

I have used financial software and calculators for fifteen years. powerOne is the perennial best of breed on the Palm platform and is now even better for the PocketPC. I will not go into a meeting without it.

John Youngquist

As Treasurer of Singer Properties, a real estate development company, I use powerOne regularly. This ingenious program allows me to leverage the capacity of my PDA by combining the analytical sophistication of expensive desktop financial software packages with the ease of use of a basic calculator. I particularly use the time value of money and cash flow functions on a daily basis. Keep up the good work powerOne, I'll be looking forward to the next upgrade!

Alex Kolodesh
Vice President and Treasurer
Singer Properties

"I use powerOne and my wireless Palm to stay connected and be more efficient."

Steve Bredeweg
Northwest Suites, Inc.

I got tired of the battery compartment breaking on my hp 19BII. So, as an alternative, your product delivered the same features for a fraction of the cost. I was also able to eliminate "one more thing" to carry around. I use the calculator whenever it is needed. If I am in a meeting, I'm usually doing something basic like present or future values of cash flows.

V.P. Finance
Major brokerage firm

"I found powerOne to be incredibly useful. I purchased it when I had a finance class in school. I cannot tell you how much easier it made the class. When we did in class problems I was always done before the rest of the class with their HP calcs. My final exam was a breeze thanks to this app."

Brian Lamberger

"I was looking for a replacement calculator that is comparable to the calculator in HP200LX. Then I decided to buy this one. Boy, I made the right decision. This program is not only comparable to my HP200LX but it also does more and does it in a more effective way. I would really recommend this calculator for any business or MBA student."

Richard Susanto

"Thank you for releasing powerOne calculator for the Palm OS. I think it is safe to say that I am the first student in the country to use the program on an exam, in my Managerial Finance class. It performed remarkably well. I am very proficient at using the HP 12c financial calculator, but powerOne's Time Value of Money template saved me boatloads of time. And in studying for the exam, the ability to export tables and calculations to the memo pad proved invaluable: I was able to print my calculations and work on practice problems, and refer back to them easily. Again thank you, for this incredible program. This is one of the best reasons yet I've had for owning my Palm computer. Oh, and I got an A on the exam."

Michael Schakow

"Finally I can leave my laptop in the Hotel and travel the trade show light. No need for the Calculator, Daytimer and Laptop, just my Palm Pilot and powerOne! Thanks"

Henry Kulik

"Super..equation solver is excellent and the choice of algebraic or rpn is nice for rpn users like me. Been waiting a long time for a HP 95LX replacement, this is the one."

Dana Harris

Residential Real Estate

"powerOne provides me with a quick and easy way to pre-qualify my clients, enabling me to do more pre-qualifying scenarios, spend more time with the clients, and less time calculating."

Scott Jower
Loan Consultant
Guarantee Mortgage, California

"Being in Real Estate for a total of 15 years, my wife and I concentrate on the customer. With powerOne, we don't have to worry about the math details really don't have to know math: just input the numbers and select the question mark to give the results to the customer.

It helps our customers make better decisions. It is very easy to understand. With a small investment, powerOne brings a big return for my client buyer or seller, and makes us look good."

Jamey Halpin, GRI
Licensed Florida Real Estate Agent
Premier Properties of SW FL, Inc., Florida

"I am a Realtor and this excellent product replaces my need to carry a calculator to figure all of the payment information for clients. I appreciate having such an excellent product always with me. I evaluated five calculators before choosing powerOne. I made the right choice."

Bruce Y. Pfabe, ABR, CRS, GRI
Broker Owner, eagent
Keller Williams Realty DTC, Colorado

"powerOne provide a powerful set of templates for real-time illustration of financing options to assist clients in making informed real estate purchasing and financing decisions."

Bob Hamilton
ERA Tradewind Real Estate, Colorado

"powerOne is the most powerful, yet easiest to use calculator I have ever worked with. It is easy to install and use, putting everything from Conversions to Business calculations to Finance at your stylus or finger tips."

Harold (Hal) Parry
REALTOR/IT Consultant
CENTURY 21 Howell & Associates, Inc., Virginia

Commercial Real Estate

"I am an Associate Broker and Market Value Appraiser with Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. My specialty is selling income producing properties and office and retail leasing in the downtown area of Toronto. The reason I switched to a handheld was to have all the information and calculations I might need in one small convenient to carry place. (no daytimer and financial calculator anymore) My Palm along with powerOne have proved to be the ideal solution. I have especially found these calculations very helpful: TVM, Canadian Mortgage calculator, Capitalization, Cash on cash return, Equity return, and Gross rent multiplier. With all of this power in my Palm, I've been able to get more work done, and I'm not carrying around as much equipment."

Eveline Hykamp
Associate Broker & Market Value Appraiser
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd.

"I am a Loan Officer for a Mortgage Broker office and currently use powerOne Commercial Real Estate to provide quick answers to clients in the field. With your announcement of the Windows version, I think that you are very close to solving a long time problem of mine. I am constantly traveling to meet clients, and I have always found it difficult to provide accurate quotes while in the field. Even if I give my client a quick quote, I have to reenter the data into our Loan Origination Software (LOS) back at the office. I would find it extremely helpful to be able to provide simple quotes to clients in the field and be able to save that quote information until I return to my office, and then be able to export the information either to a simple text file or to a format that could be imported by one of the mainstream LOS packages. We use Calyx Point software as our LOS. The Windows version of powerOne CRE supports exporting to a text file which is a big help."

J. W Lehman
Senior Loan Processor
America's Lending Warehouse

"I'm owner and president of Sales Advisors Company. I spend a lot of time out of my office and need a tool to make quick calculations, make a note etc. I have used handheld computers for about 6 years, and I purchased powerOne in July. powerOne has been very effective with the business and financial calculations that I do routinely (i.e. cash-flow, margin, money value in time etc.) Time is precious to me, and handheld computers and software like powerOne have given me more time to build relationships with my clients."

Jacek Dukat
Sales Advisors

"I am presently a principal for an investment company that focuses on fixed income securities. While we focus on the Residential Mortgage and Commercial Mortgage Backed markets, we also purchase and sell securities in other industries. I am responsible for underwriting, servicing and selling securities for the company.

The calculations that I use most routinely include interest computations, payment, IRR and time value of money. I also like to use the date function that enables you to determine the number of days during a fixed period.

I started using palm-top computers over 10 years ago and I recently purchased my Palm handheld during February. I have always had the need to bring my office on the road. Your software works great for my needs, and I've found that is superior to the HP line of financial calculators. I've been able to replace my HP 12C calculator, and I believe that most of our professionals would benefit from using powerOne."

Ken Cusick

"I am owner, chief cook and bottle washer of Hooton Hollar Investments. I am a new real estate investor, and I am beginning a college course in appraisals. I just recently purchased my Palm and powerOne. This is actually the first handheld computer I've owned, but handheld calculators and desktop computers have been a part of my life for a long time. Because I spend a lot of time away from my office, I've been looking for ways to take my office with me. I find it very cumbersome to haul my laptop around, but the Palm with your software seems like it will fill my needs. I hope to be able to use and master the majority of functions in time so I can make quick decisions when I am viewing a potential property for purchase."

Vivian Hooton
Hooton Hollar Investments

"I've been in the commercial real estate industry for 28 years, and currently I'm the President of Commerce Communities Corp which is a Santa Clara, CA based industrial real estate development company. I use powerOne every day. It is much better than my old HP 18 calculator. Your software with my Sony Clie T-615 are a great combination, and they really help simplify my life away from my office."

Rich Treakle
Commerce Communities Corp

"I am very impressed with both the powerOne and the desktop calculator. The PC version is very straightforward and easy to use. The palm version with the real estate templates does everything (and more) than I need for day to day calculations and the convenience of not having to tote a financial calculator as well as my palm is great. All in all, I think you have a winner and I've been very satisfied with the look and functionality of the two programs."

Wes Hallmark
Hallmark & Associates, Inc.

"I am a real estate appraiser and my firm name is Hinckley Appraisal Service. Outside of the typical calculations of add, subtract, multiply and divide, I typically calculate mortgage payments and cash flow estimates. I started to use a handheld to keep dates and phone numbers. I purchased the powerOne module to eliminate having to carry a calculator. It has worked out well for me. I also like the Windows version. It again eliminates another piece of equipment on top of the desk and makes my laptop more efficient."

Curt Hinckley
Hinckley Appraisal Service

"I am a Realtor for Coldwell Banker, and I perform many calculations in order to help my clients and for my own property investments. PITI, Mortgage calculations/estimates, Insurance Estimates, Gross Rent Multiplier, Market Cap, Contract calculations (I.e. - % Down, % Financing, Due at close, Total offer price), Return on Investment, Closing cost estimates are a few calculations that I perform regularly. I've been using handheld computers for about 10 years to increase my productivity, but I have always wanted to be able to perform (AND SAVE) calculations on the go. i.e. if I'm working with a specific client or a building I would like to be able to save the template that I am working on for future reference instead of having to constantly redo it. powerOne has solved this problem by offering a convenient way to save calculations between my handheld and desktop computers. Another plus is that Infinity Softworks has made this product really easy to use. I never have enough time, and many software products are too complicated to learn to use effectively in my work. Infinity Softworks has done a great job of offering advanced functions while keeping it really simple at the same time."

Ren Smith
Coldwell Banker

Math & Science

"powerOne is by far the best graphing calculator program available for any PDA platform. It is so easy to use that it makes the purchase of a handheld well worth it -- even if you don't use the PDA for anything else! I've been using the templates for solving metal stamping problems for tool & die design work--draw diameters, bend allowances, and similar sheet-metal calculations, and have also been using the graphing portion for my Elementary Functions class. Definitely easier (and more fun) to use than 'traditional' calculators."

Paul Schilling

"Our Technology Department has long realized the power of a PDA in the classroom, but we have struggled to find graphing calculator software that is functionally comparable to the TI-83 device. powerOne is it! Thanks to the graphing software, we are introducing PDA's to our high school students."

Lorin Somerlot
Technology Coordinator
New Albany High School in Ohio

"This is a "must have" application for anyone who wants the best possible calculator. Look out HP and TI!"

Larry Felix

"powerOne has the features needed for all years of college level math and science classes, yet it is easier to use than other calculators I've tried."

Dr. John Lattanzio
Professor of Astrophysics
Monash University

"If you have a Palm OS handheld computer and were considering buying a graphing calculator, get powerOne. It is FAR superior to any graphing calculator product on the market today."

James Edelen IV

"powerOne provides a massive number of capabilities that the TI-83 can't touch, and at a fraction of the cost."

Peter Sachs

"powerOne's solver templates have provided a quick and easy answer to almost all the formulas I've encountered in my Probability & Statistics class."

Douglas McLaughlin

"powerOne makes my PDA a whole different machine."

Ari Harding

Point of Sales

"I would like to thank you for the powerOne software. I am in POS sales and wanted an easy calculator that does markup, margin etc. This is perfect! The sales tax calculator is an added bonus; this will make my life easier. I will certainly promote your products to all my associates"
-- Sean Reid