DEWALT Mobile Pro

DEWALT Mobile Pro is a full-featured calculator and reference tool designed especially for construction professionals. It comes with a construction and scientific calculator plus various calculator templates for everyday area, length and volume computations.

In addition to the free capabilities, DEWALT Mobile Pro offers in app purchases for construction topics such as carpentry, concrete, business math, and more, all developed with professionals in the field.

DEWALT Mobile Pro is designed specifically for construction pros.

  • Provides instant answers to critical job-site questions.
  • Remembers the math so you don’t have to.
  • Uses real-world examples to explain concepts.
  • Helps you visualize the situation with detailed illustrations.
  • Offers a wide range of trade-specific add-ons.
  • Gives you instant and exclusive access to valuable content.

DEWALT Mobile Pro is a handy mobile resource.

  • Share calculation results instantly by email.
  • Find previous calculations quickly in stored history.
  • Search, filter, and create favorites to make calculations easy to find.
  • Access DEWALT resources directly from the app, find service centers, and more.

DEWALT Mobile Pro includes the following free capabilities:

  • Powerful construction calculator that includes feet-inch math for lengths, areas and volumes.
  • Area, length and volume conversions.
  • Area and volume shape math including circles, squares, rectangles and polygons.
  • Access to DEWALT resources directly within the app.

The free calculator includes the following features:

  • Feet-inch math for lengths, areas and volumes.
  • Decimal and fractional math.
  • Powers, logs, trigonometric and hyperbolic math functions.
  • Calculation history with fast recall.
  • Store results or calculations in 10 memory locations.

In addition to these free features, also purchase calculation add-ons for topics such as carpentry, concrete, site work, business math, and more.